Top players that may make the most difference in FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia

By | April 10, 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 has all the football fans waiting for it to start in June of this year. Football world cups have always been very interesting. Huge stars and legends of the football world wear the jerseys of their respective nations and fight for the biggest cup of the game in the football field.

Top Players of FIFA World Cup 2018

World cup after world cup many stars have performed extra ordinarily and some they also did disappoint their fans and teams by not so up to the mark performance. Sometimes, new star players are born surprisingly with astonishing performances in world cup matches. The history of football world cup itself is a testament that anything could happen in this tournament. There were times when one individual brought home the cup taking all the responsibility upon his shoulders.

Top 5 players that may make the most difference in FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia

Let’s see which players can make it big in FIFA World Cup 2018:

Neymar Jr – Country: Brazil

Position: Forward

Neymar Jr -Top-5-Player-FIFA-World-Cup-2018

In their last outing at football world cup, Brazil had to go home at the semi-finals stage itself as they were defeated by the world cup winning team Germany in their semi-final match. However, Neymar scored well in world cups for Brazil. He showed consistent performance. Brazil which is at the second rank in the FIFA world rankings is probably the toughest opposition for Germany.  Neymar may play a match winning strokes this time and he is completely capable of that.

Samuel Umtiti – Country: France

Position : Defender


France naturally has an attacking side with players such as Antoine Griezmann, Dembele, Kylian Mbappe, Olivier Giroud and Kingsley Coman playing for France in world cup. However, Samuel Umtiti had shown a stellar performance in European championships and Nou Camp. He started performing better than the well experienced defenders like Thomas Vermaelen and Javier Mascherano. Samuel Umtiti may play key role is strengthening France’s defense at 2018 FIFA World cup.

Mohamed Salah – Country: Egypt

Position: Forward

Mohamed Salah-Top-10-Player-FIFA-World-Cup-2018

Not many people can hold their own against legendary players like Leo Messi. Mohamed Salah a 25 year old Egyptian footballer somehow managed this feat and did it in style. His proved himself with his excellent performance in European leagues where he gave neck to neck competition to Leo Messi for the top scorer title. Egypt many not have very good chances at the 2018 FIFA world cup but Mohamed Salah’s performance would be a thing to watch.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Country: Portugal

Position: Forward

Cristiano Ronaldo - Top-5-Player-FIFA-World-Cup-2018

Cristiano Ronaldo, just the name is enough. He has over years earned a reputation of being one of the finest finishers of the game in the football history. Though, Portugal might be playing this world cup as underdogs, needless to the world will await the miracles that Cristiano Ronaldo will spin in the world cup matches.

Lionel Messi -Country: Argentina

Position: Forward

Lionel Messi-Top-5-Player-FIFA-World-Cup-2018

He is a footballing legend and he has already made his mark over the history of football. His game is a treat to watch. He definitely going to be one of the most sought after footballers in FIFA World cup 2018.

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2018 FIFA World Cup has some amazing players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mohamed Salah, Samuel Umtiti and Neymar Jr playing in the tournament. These players you need to look out for in FIFA World cup 2018 Russia. Their FIFA World cup 2018 teams are Argentina, Portugal, Egypt, France and Brazil respectively. Look out for these players in Russia FIFA World Cup 2018.

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