FIFA World Cup All Time Winners List

By | January 28, 2018

FIFA World cup is the most sought after and prestigious tournament in the world of football. Football is arguably the most popular sport in the world. So, just imagine the hysteria that would surround the most popular tournament of the most popular sport in the world. FIFA World Cup All Time Winners List will give information about all the Football World Cup Finals and Winners. It is pretty hysteric.

FIFA World Cup All Time Winners List

FIFA World Cup All Time Winners List

The FIFA World Cup All-Time Winners List will tell you so much about the legacy of this sport and world cup tournament. The FIFA World Cup All Time Winners List will also show you how the dynamics of the sports have changed, how the various nations have emerged as winners in different decades.

We have put together a comprehensive FIFA World Cup All-Time Winners List for you.

FIFA World Cup All Time Winners List:

Year Winner Game scores and Runners Up Host Countries
1930 Uruguay Uruguay 4-2 Argentina Uruguay
1934 Italy Italy 2-1 Czechoslovakia Italy
1938 Italy Italy 4-2 Hungary France
1942 Not Held
1946 Not Held
1950 Uruguay Uruguay 2-1 Brazil Brazil
1954 Germany Germany 3-2 Hungary Switzerland
1958 Brazil Brazil 5-2 Sweden Sweden
1962 Brazil Brazil 3-1 Czechoslovakia Chile
1966 England England 4-2 Germany England
1970 Brazil Brazil 4-1 Italy Mexico
1974 Germany Germany 2-1 Holland Germany
1978 Argentina Argentina 3-1 Holland Argentina
1982 Italy Italy 3-1 Germany Spain
1986 Argentina Argentina 3-2 Germany Mexico
1990 Germany Germany 1-0 Argentina Italy
1994 Brazil 0-0, then Brazil defeated USA 3-2 in penalties USA
1998 France France 3-0 Brazil France
2002 Brazil Brazil 2-0 Germany Japan / S. Korea
2006 Italy 1-1, then Italy beat France 5-3 in penalties Germany
2010 Spain Spain 1-0 Netherlands South Africa
2014 Germany Germany 1-0 Argentina Brazil
2018 Russia


The FIFA was formed in the year 1930, since then football world cup is being organized once every four years except for the year 1942 and 1946 due to the World War 2.

As per the FIFA World Cup All Time Winners List, Brazil has won the FIFA World cup for the most number of times with a total of 5 wins. This record is followed by Germany and Italy with 4 world cup wins each. Argentina and Uruguay both have won the world cup twice till now. France, England and Spain each won the world cup once.

However, It would be interesting to know that Germany has been the FIFA World cup finals the highest number of times with playing in eight final matches. Brazil holds the second place in being the world cup finals with 7 times. Italy is right next to Brazil with a total of six FIFA world cup finals to its name.

Argentina has been in 5 world cup finals.The Netherlands though never won a world cup had actually made it to 3 FIFA world cup finals. Uruguay and France both have been the world cup finals for two times each. Czechoslovakia and Hungary though ever won a world cup have been in two world cup finals. Sweden has been in one world cup final.

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