FIFA World Cup 2018 Final Draw: Groups, Pots, Fixtures, Teams, Full Schedule.

By | December 5, 2017

The big sports festival of football fans is almost here. The world cup is just three months away. The FIFA world cup 2018 is going to start from the 14th of June 2018. It will go on till 15th July 2018. Even the final FIFA world cup 2018 Final draw is out. 32 different teams are participating in this football world cup.  FIFA world cup 2018 draw has been announced. There are a total of eight groups, with each group consisting of four teams. Full details about the FIFA world cup 2018 Draw, Pots, Groups, Fixtures, Matches, Venue, full Schedule, Dates & Timings are provided on our website. It is very balanced FIFA world cup 2018 draw it would be interesting to see how the matches will turn out.

These 32 teams are divided into 8 different groups. Teams will play against each the teams of their respective groups in the first round of the world cup. To know more details you need to look at the FIFA world cup 2018 draw. The FIFA world cup 2018 draw looks very balanced; there is a right balance of A-listed teams, under rated teams and new comers in every group of the FIFA world cup 2018.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Draw Groups, Pot, Fixtures.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Final Draw: Groups, Pots, Fixtures, Teams

The following is how FIFA world cup 2018 Draw: Groups, Pot, Fixtures, Teams looks.

Group A Russia
Saudi Arabia
Group B Portugal
IR Iran
Group C France
Group D Argentina
Group E Brazil
Costa Rica
Group F Germany
Korea Republic
Group G Belgium
Group H Poland

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Here are the details for the pots from which the groups from which teams are selected for the FIFA world cup 2018 draw.

Pot 1 Russia Pot 3 Denmark
Germany Iceland
Brazil Costa Rica
Portugal Sweden
Argentina Tunisia
Belgium Egypt
Poland Senegal
France IR Iran
Pot 2 Spain Pot 4 Serbia
Peru Nigeria
Switzerland Australia
England Japan
Colombia Morocco
Mexico Panama
Uruguay Korea Republic
Croatia Saudi Arabia

These were the full details about the FIFA World Cup 2018 Final Draw, Groups, Pots, Fixtures, Teams. Let’s see how the group level matches will turn out in the world cup, who will win and who will lose.

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